In this page, you will learn the purposeful activity, role, function, form, organization and management of a business, also known as enterprise or firm. The information you get will be useful in your understanding on how to run and manage a business, whether you are thinking of starting your own or already operating one. It is also as important to understand business if you are an accounting and bookkeeping professionals since this will be the client you will serve.

What is a Stakeholder?

Accounting is defined as the language of business. Accounting is a mean by which business financial information is communicated to its stakeholders.In this article, you will learn about the definition of a stakeholder ~ the users of accounting information ~ and how they use such financial reports to their decision making. Users of Accounting Information A stakeholder is … [Read more...]

Business Transaction

In accounting, you record, classify, summarize and report financial information, of an individual, business or organization, to interested users. The reported financial information comes from what is referred to as business transactions.In understanding the accounting basic, you need to learn and get familiar to the starting point and core of the accounting process, which … [Read more...]

Types of Business Organizations

Business is an organization in which basic resources, called inputs, are assembled and processed to provide goods or services, called outputs, to customers. People who are engaged in business activity are called Entrepreneurs or Businessman.In general, a business can be defined as follows: "Business consist of an individual, group of individuals or organizations engaged in … [Read more...]

What is Business?

Accounting is defined as the language of business. It is the means by which business information is communicated to the stakeholders.Here are some examples on how accounting communicates business financial information to stakeholders:Accounting report helps business management to decide whether to continue or discontinue the sale of their products or services. … [Read more...]