In this category, you will learn and understand the bookkeeping process. You will be informed with the terms, principles and detailed procedural steps of the bookkeeping process. It is recommended to student, bookkeeper, non-accountant and business person who wants to learn and understand the bookkeeping process.

Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting are both relevant tool in communicating the financial activity, performance and condition of a business entity.The important role of bookkeeping and accounting in every business has increased the demand for bookkeeping and accounting job or services worldwide. Because of the high demand, it made bookkeeping and accounting as two of the most … [Read more...]

Business Transaction

In accounting, you record, classify, summarize and report financial information, of an individual, business or organization, to interested users. The reported financial information comes from what is referred to as business transactions.In understanding the accounting basic, you need to learn and get familiar to the starting point and core of the accounting process, which … [Read more...]

What is a Bookkeeper?

Every business is required to keep a record on the series of transactions and activities it undertakes, for a given period of time. The purpose of record keeping is to be able to keep track and report the business financial conditions and performances. The act of record keeping is referred to as bookkeeping and it is done by what we call a bookkeeper.In this article, you … [Read more...]

Types of Bookkeeping Systems

Learning the types of bookkeeping systems is essential in identifying which one to adopt and use in keeping the records of business transactions. By studying the different types of bookkeeping systems, you will be able to determine the most appropriate to the business or client that you serve.In this article, you will be introduced to single-entry bookkeeping, double-entry … [Read more...]

What is Business?

Accounting is defined as the language of business. It is the means by which business information is communicated to the stakeholders.Here are some examples on how accounting communicates business financial information to stakeholders:Accounting report helps business management to decide whether to continue or discontinue the sale of their products or services. … [Read more...]